Eduardo Rubiano — Bogotá, 1976

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Though I was born in the Colombian capital, family circumstances led me to spend most of my childhood in the city of Cali. Chance endowed me with the privilege of experiencing many trascendental moments around and amongst different sectors of society in a country full of natural beauty, internal conflict, social injustice, rich folklore, surreal contrasts and many collective complexes of varying degrees.

Profound change was always part of my younger years and before relocating to the United States in 1991, I spent my last two years in the coastal city of Barranquilla. These changes and everything that came with them, had deep implications in my perception of the world and planted the seeds that have taken me to seek and find constant variety of lifestyles and self-reinvention all around the world.

After completing my secondary education in Georgia and Florida, I graduated as a photographer from the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies, focusing on editorial photography and digital imaging. During my studies I worked at the Daytona International Speedway and for the News-Journal both as photographer and a lab technician.

In 2000, I relocated to New York City to work as assistant to Burt Glinn and Dennis Stock, veteran members of Magnum Photos. This led to a staff position at the agency as assistant to the archive director.

One year later, I left to spend a summer photographing and documenting rural aspects of Colombia. Upon my return to the United States, I was hired by The  National Geographic Society in Washington D.C., where I spent the next six years working first as a lab technician in digital imaging and later as photo editor for the communications division. During that period I was also assigned various jobs as photographer for the organization.

Since 2007, I have lived and worked as a freelance photographer in Hamburg, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, California, Florida, Vermont and Santa Fe. I have contributed to National Geographic, GEO, Smithsonian, The Ecologist, Condé Nast Traveler and FOCUS, among others.

Currently, my work is represented by National Geographic Creative.