Excuses, Anchors and Sails

In the process of following my dreams, I've had to overcome several obstacles. Of the hardest, none are of anybody else's making. For years, as I worked toward my goal of becoming a photographer, I came up with some of the most creative excuses to avoid doing what I wanted most. Now, looking back, I realize that I was my own worst enemy in the creative process. My loss. Yet, I still am my own worst enemy. So, to keep at it, I try to remember a couple of basic things:

1. I can come up with one thousand excuses, I used to call them "reasons" to not do what I want to do. These may range from the mundane to the deep and practical. Yet, they are nothing but blocks. In the end, one must find just ONE reason to DO what one craves. Not so hard, but it sounds easier than it is. In fact, finding the reason is the easy part. Letting go off the many habits that keep us trapped where we don't want to be is the hardest. Well, at least the first time it is.

2. I surround myself with as many helpful people and as much useful stuff as possible. A favorite metaphor of mine is the one of anchors and sails, as in a boat. We can ask whether those "reasons" for not doing what we'd rather be doing is an anchor or a sail in our lives? Most likely an anchor. Friends, family members, surroundings, possessions, compromises, etc., are all either anchors or sails.

This one sounded much like a self-improvement course. But I wanted to share something that really has made an impact in my dream chase. Special thanks to Pablo Corral Vega, for all the support, inspiration and help in figuring this one out from a photographer's point of view.


Eduardo Rubiano