International Women's Day


An invitation:

Before congratulating the women in our lives; before wishing happy days left and right to those mothers, sisters, co-workers and darling females that we know; before posting our best thoughts in celebration of this day on social networks, lets take a moment to reflect upon the purpose and intention behind the creation of International Women's Day.

As long as there continues to be inequality based on gender, discrimination and bodily mutilation, denial of individual liberties and violence toward those who carry all of humanity in their womb, there is little to celebrate and much to think about. In a big scale of time, we have only begun to understand, embrace and harness the power of what I believe is the key of our survival as a species: the liberation and empowerment of women.

Behind every achievement of mankind is the love, understanding, kindness, patience, harmony, safety, forgiveness and wisdom of womankind. Nevertheless, behind every act against life itself, from wars to oppressive laws, exists either the lack of such wisdom or a skewed, unrealized, dimmed potential due to the secondary role assigned to women in our dark history.

Many of us believe strongly that our future depends on realizing that potential which exists in the lives of women in poverty: the mothers and wives of either future constructive lives or more thugs and misguided men.

Today, as we observe the enormous task before us on one of 365 days around our home star, I invite my friends, new and old, to reflect upon ways through which we can all contribute to a brighter future. Then, yes, lets proceed in celebrating one of the greatest treasures this planet has created.

A pregnant woman rests while completing chores at her home. Islote Santa Cruz, Colombia. 2008

A pregnant woman rests while completing chores at her home. Islote Santa Cruz, Colombia. 2008