Electronic Presence


My gratitude to you for taking a moment to visit my virtual, electronic presence.

It, like the ongoing visual journey that I have chosen as a way for my own life, is in an ever-evolving state of change resulting from collected experiences, relationships, smart and stupid decisions, instinctive tendencies, face-plants into the planet and other surfaces of varying mass, temperamental outbursts, inward and outward exploration, light and heavy meals, lessons learned and forgotten, curious motion, longing, ambition, love, guilt, hope, and many other elements including lots of good and bad pain (both in English and French.)

Its purpose is to act as a channel through which there can be exchange. I intend to share a number of aspects of the aforementioned visual journey full of hope that anything useful in its contents can be embraced by you out there.

I have chosen a dark palette in an effort to reduce energy consumption, however tiny the impact of this might be. I invite you to reflect upon small and big changes that you can implement thoughtfully to mind our resources.

Finally, an invitation to take the intention behind my visual journey, resulting images and words as an expression of honor toward our wonderful universe and as an acknowledgement of indebtedness to those of you whose lives have enriched mine. Do come back from time to time and may you be blessed in your own journeys always. Remember, good fortune is a choice!

Much love,